Try a simple experiment and immediately you will see the tremendous benefits of KWIKSCAN™. First, read every word in the text below. Secondly, go back through the text reading only those words in bold type.

Once you read a couple of columns, you will never want to read anything
printed the traditional way again.


(The words printed in bold type)
comprise about 50% of a
Text, and often much less.
And, as you are about to find out,
by reading the
bold words
only, you

reduce reading time by up
to Two Thirds!

(Much less time for some people
and a little more for others.)

This is true because
of two reasons. The first is obvious.
You simply eliminate
the necessity of
reading about half the
– words that can be left out
without changing the overall meaning of the text.

Secondly, and less obvious until
you think about it,

you eliminate left to right
head and or eye movement
– a big problem
many have
in reading and also
a consumer of
large chunks of your valuable

Besides the benefits of
saving huge amounts of
time, KWIKSCAN™ also
increases the
understanding of most readers
by making the text
less complicated and
easier to follow.
It helps retention too. (You will
remember more of what you read!)

If right now, you are
reading just the bold words

when you finish,
you will read only
119 out of
a total of
256 words, and you will do it
in about one-third the time
required to read the entire
text. Yes, after

reading the exciting new
you will never want to go
back to the old
and ordinary
ways of reading and you will
know why KWIKSCAN™
is called "The greatest step forward in reading since the invention of the
printing press."